Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation Day

They say that one "ending" is just another "beginning".

My baby, well.....ok...my son, Jordan, graduated from high school this past Saturday night.

Was it sad? Yes, in more than just one way. It was the end of Jordan's high school years. This was the last graduating class from his high school, as next shool year, our two high schools will merge into one. It was also sad because two of their classmates weren't there. They had been killed in seperate car accidents.

Was it exciting? Yes!! Since I was taking photos for the newspaper, I got to hang out with all the seniors as they walked around, gathered in the library and then watched them line up for the ceremony.

Was it tiring? YES!! I'm beat.

Jordan, and the rest for that matter, have no idea how easy things have been for the past 12 years. The "Real Life" is knocking on their door and they better be ready. Jordan has already been accepted into a community college, he is getting ready to work a summer job as a photographer/videographer plus, he is on "hurricane watch", ready to run out the door to travel with First Response Group out of Louisville, KY.

Was I ready for Jordan to graduate? Yes. Did I cry at the ceremony? No. And I don't know why. I think I was just glad he was sitting there in his blue gown, wearing his nice black dress pants and dress shirt, that he hated. I was just thankful that he was there, enjoying this milestone in his life.

Is Jordan ready for the real world? Probably not. Is the real world ready for Jordan? Definately not. Were any of us ready at this age? No.

We live, we grow, we learn, we fall, we get up and hopefully, we keep trying.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm In Love.....

I am totally in love. I know I am. But he doesn't.

I'm in love with Adam Lambert. He is the 26 year old rocker from Hollywood, CA that is taking American Idol by storm.

He is so cute and those eyes.....they are killers. And what a voice. I picked him out as my favorite from the first time I saw him. He has a background in theater and he knows how to work the audience.

He has a way of taking a song and making it his own, making it sound new for the times....which is just what the judges say they want to hear.

His list of songs include--

Black & White

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Ring Of Fire

Tracks of My Tears

Play That Funky Music

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missing My Precious & Kenzie

I had been thinking about downsizing my kennel but trying to make the decision of who to keep and who to rehome has been a heartbreaking decision. I love all my dogs, they are my babies. I knew there were a few babies that I could never part with and then there were those that, although I don't want to lose them, if I found them wonderful homes, I would be ok. I had decided to find Kenzie and Bitsy new homes.

Kenzie was one of my larger female Shih-Tzus, weighing in at about 15 lbs. I had rehomed her twin sister to a friend in Bowling Green about a year ago and now, it was time to find Kenzie a new home. A lady I know wanted Kenzie and I knew she was going to a great home. I'm glad to know that she is getting all the love and attention she deserves. I am so happy for Kenzie and her new family.

Bitsy was my next girl to try to find a home. A lady called me, saying that my vet had told her about me needing to rehome a few of my adult dogs. After talking about Bitsy, she said she wanted her. When she arrives here to get Bitsy, she meets Precious and falls in love with her. Now Precious is a "special" dog. I call her (with nothing but love), my ADHD dog, my Mentally Challenged Dog and my Special Dog. I had never thought that anyone would want her as she needs lots of special attention. The lady explained that they had a 3-legged dog, a blind dog and anytime they picked out a dog, they were always drawn to the "special needs" dogs. I really hadn't prepared myself for letting my little Precious leave. I was prepared for Bitsy to leave but not Precious. We were close, we were tight. She struggled everyday when I would leave to go to work. She had abandonment issues. When I came home, she was so excited, she would jump and run around like she so happy. How would she handle the transition of going to a new home. Would she think I didn't love her anymore? Think that I didn't want her? Could she move on with her life without me? Then I started thinking......could I live without her? I know that God answers prayers, even about the life of a little doggie. I knew it was going to take a very special person to take Precious. And God sent me that special person.

I miss you Precious.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 aka-The Ice Storm of the Century!!

Ok.....it's been 9 days since we woke up thinking we were back in the "Ice Age"....ice was everywhere and nothing was left untouched. We knew it was coming...but little did we know how crippling it would be to our community. I washed up the lanudry, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, ran the vaccuum, washed the dishes, showered and shampooed my hair, drug out the kerosene heater and filled up the kerosene jug......"Just in case" we couldn't do those things for awhile. I never dreamed it would be this long and still no power. Thankfully, we never lost water, only lost the home phone for 2 days, cell phones work-most of the time and thank the Lord Above that I had plenty of cash on me. Of course, cash didn't do much good when no one had any power to allow for purchases of anything. But it would take days before it would thaw enough to allow for travel.

Thank God for good friends that helped us gather kerosene, gasoline, use their showers and kept up with how we were doing. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Funny, you think you can't live without the modern day conveniences....but when it's taken away...you do what you have to do to survive. It's been choas, destruction, devastation, stressful. I think this is just a very, very small preview of what this world will be like the moment my Jesus splits that eastern sky and takes us all home. To those left behind.....it's time to prepare. And we KNOW....that day will come.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He's No Longer My Baby.......

Today....my baby is no longer my baby. He is now 18.
Where did it go? And why did it go so fast? Why didn't I do so many things that I now wish I had done? Why didn't people tell me this day and these feelings would come. Would I have listened? Would I have thought I had plenty of time? I'm sure I would have.

They tell you that when they start school....they do not belong to you any more. They belong to the world. How true that statement is. I just hope that all the good things that I have done as a mother will make him a good man. And I hope all the bad things I have done, will make him a better person than I was and he will learn from my mistakes.

You hold them in your arms when they are born......and then you blink.

Happy Birthday Jordan.......

You will always be my baby.
Love, Mom.

Jordan's Surprise Birthday Party Pics

Friday, January 2, 2009

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Puppies For Sale

We have 2 litters of puppies that will soon be ready for their forever homes. They were born on October 8 & 9, 7 boys and 4 girls. Parents are on site and these pups were born in our home, not in a kennel.

There is 1 black/white male, 1 gold/white male and the rest are gold with either a splash of white on the forehead or a black mask. These puppies are just adorable.

Contact me if you or someone you know is interested in a puppy just in time for Christmas!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008 MNHS Soccer Awards Banquet

Last Tuesday night, we held the 2008 Soccer Awards Banquet. The "Senior Moms" (that'd be me) decorated a table dedicated to their player.

Each Senior received their "Senior" Award and there were some fun awards that the coaches made up to give out. Jordan received the "Crystal Slider" Award because he loved to slide to kick the ball. Jordan received a nice surprise when he was presented with the "Most Improved Defense Player" Award.

Jordan made a video that was shown during the dinner. He had video clips from the North-Grayson Co game. This was the game that went into double OT, with North winning 4-3, putting them into the District Finals. There were lots of pics of the players and special pics of each senior that was taken on Senior Night.

Our boys had a great year and I think I enjoyed this year more than any other. Too bad it was our last year.

Note-Pics aren't the best due to the lighting in the gym.

Jordan at his "Senior Table"
Pics on Jordan's Senior Table

Jordan preparing to show his video.

Awards Table

Receiving the "Most Improved Defense Player" Award.

Jordan with the coaches, Eric & Grant

Award Recepients

Soccer Seniors

Silly Seniors

Monday, October 13, 2008

What's Been Going On???

I haven't posted anything since Labor Day Weekend. Not that there hasn't been anything going on, actually, just the opposite. Too much has been going on and I've not had time to sit still long enough to write about it.

Since the middle of August, we have been either practicing, playing or refereeing soccer games. Jordan is a senior this year and I think he has done something with soccer 4, 5 and sometimes 6 days each week. When he's not at practice or at a game, he referees games at the elementary school.

I've been really getting into my photography. I have been taking lots of soccer pics, I did Jordan's Senior Pictures, took pics of a 1 year old girl, took fall pictures of a family, took pics of a brother & sister and a teenage friend of mine. I'm really enjoying my new hobby and even took a class to learn more about it. I'm meeting lots of photography friends and I'm amazed at how helpful so many of them are. Most are very generous in offering advice, although there are a few that want to keep their knowledge to themselves. I figure they know some really good stuff.

I've posted some of my pics on my "Photos by Leigh" blog. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day 2008 Cruise-In

Cruise-In 2008 is being held this Labor Day weekend. I went on Friday night to watch all the happening. One of the most interesting things I found was the Hula Hoop contest. There were many food booths, vendors and lots and lots of people.

Looking up Broad Street

Hula Hoop Contest

The "Purse Lady" with her Shih Tzu

Jack & Donna's Bike

Jack & Donna